Artist Anna Lawton Creger

Love unique design that is comfortable to wear?

Anna Lawton Creger of Giving Through Jewelry is known for creating natural jewelry with a profound twist. giving through jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, reno nevada, warrior wraps, earrings, necklaceHer signature Warrior Wraps are versatile and unisex. She designs organically, letting earth’s treasure trove of colorful semiprecious stones inspire her handcrafted designs. The inspiration for her jewelry stems from the environment around us, the earth, mountains, trees, water and sky. Every item you see is made by her, one piece at time, by hand with peace, kindness intention.

Not only is her jewelry beautiful but she proclaims “it’s more than skin deep.” Anna donates 10% of all sales to charity. She even gives her customers the option to choose a charity of their choice. However, she has 5 main charities that she donates to: – (helps homeless teens that have nowhere else to go, become who they are supposed to be- to bloom) .
www. -(a place that helps the pets of people who have nothing- get help with food, shelter and vet care for their pets). -( Empowers young girls and boys to enable them to get and education, that otherwise would not be available to them do to the simple they are girls or happen to be not the first born. This wonderful group improves the life of not only the child, but raises the hopes and dreams of the community, the world.)– ( in light of the terrible tornado in Oklahoma and other senseless acts by mother nature or man made tragedies). a local group that takes in dogs that have 3 strikes against them( been in and out of homes ready to be euthanized) , rehabilitates them and adopts them out if they can to, the right people. If they can’t then they live their lives out in a place that cares for them with compassion and love).

Anna’s artisan touch makes the perfect gift for women and men who appreciate casual, soft jewelry. Each handmade piece is unique and therefore intrinsically appealing.  Her latest collection of pieces is called in the “In the Stars” . There are 12 piece in this collection. One for each Zodiac.  All twelve have a pewter symbol that represents the a zodiac sign.


Anna’s work can also be found on Etsy and Pinterest, and locally around the Nevada.

Designed with piece, made with kindness. View the slideshow below to get to know the brand…





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