Every unique handmade piece of jewelry you see is made by myself, one piece at time, by hand. All stones and gems are natural and un-dyed, unless otherwise stated. Every unique handmade piece that you see is the one you get.

10% OF ALL PURCHASES ARE DONATED TO CHARITY…no fine print, no catch…10% OF ALL PURCHASES, period.   At Giving Through Jewelry our designs not only improve your life, they improve the community. A portion of every sale is donated to your choice of charity. You can choose one of our preferred charities that we work with often, or leave us a note for you personal charity to receive the donation.

If your local to Reno, Nevada or in the area you can find my unique jewelry at Buy Nevada First.

At Giving Through Jewelry we believe that if we all work together, and everyone does a little bit we really can make a difference!


The Designer!

DSC03411Hello, My name is Anna.
I am a person who loves what I do.
I started out as a classic fine artist, studying Painting, Drawing, Metal Smithing and Printmaking.
I obtained a B.F.A.  from Colorado State University.  And my M.F.A.from the San Francisco Art Institute.
I believe most of us have gone through things that for better or worse makes us who we are at this moment in time.
I truly believe we are all warriors. This is why I call my pieces “Warrior Wraps.”
They are to represent the inner strength we all posses and we need to remind ourselves of this.
So instead of working with paint, charcoal, inks and Reeves BFK, I work with Hand dyed silks and fibers, silver, gold, copper, and other metals to make each piece.
I view each of my pieces as a hand pulled print, painting, drawing- each unique and individual as each of my clients are.
I view my jewelry as 3 dimensional art like that of a sculpture, worn on the body similar to a tattoo but, can be changed at whim to go with the wearer’s feelings at the moment.
I feel my pieces are expressions of one’s self, symbolizing the triumphs and goals we all have.
They are an amplifications of one’s self and the inner strength we all have.I  created my business as a way of paying it forward.
I knew going into this, I wanted to give back and allow my customers to have something that was made from my passion, but also be giving back at the same time.
10% Of Every Sale Goes To Charity. If my clients buy online they get to choose their choice of charity. When buying from a local store, donations will be donated locally, to enrich the local community. There is a very wise saying,” It takes a village to raise a child.” I also feel, “it takes a village to change the world.” Each one of us can make a difference, we just have to believe.


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