Lets make a difference in the world together.  I believe most of us have gone through things that for better or worse makes us who we are at this moment in time.  I truly believe we are all warriors.  This is why I call my pieces “Warrior Wraps.” They are to represent the inner strength we all posses and we need to remind ourselves of this.  With Giving Through Jewelry our designs not only improve your life, they improve the community.  A portion of every sale is donated to your choice of charity.  Take a moment to share your strength and the charity you support.


Please join us for #weareallwarriors


  1. Print your #weareallwarriors sign here: CLICK HERE TO PRINT  “Strength SIGN”

  2. CLICK HERE TO PRINT  “Strength & Support”  SIGN

  3. Snap a picture with your sign.

  4. SHARE your #weareallwarriors by tagging @givingthroughjewelry

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