Even guys can have pretties too – unisex warrior wrap

Even Guys Unisex Warrior Wrap- 15 really cool natural purple colored river rocks are looped with oxidized sterling silver, are hand wrapped with sterling silver wire around an amazing muted earthy purple and green silk ribbon.  This wrap measures 79cm.

It is my honest belief that we should all help those less fortunate than ourselves – and trust me, if you have the resources to be able to read this on-line, then there are lots of people out there who are less fortunate! That’s why at giving through jewelryoriginals, we give 10% to charities. You decided where the 10% goes, you can choose , or suggest your own.

Click Gives to Charity for charity choices. Updates for actual dollar amounts given to date are listed on my FACEBOOK page. Please choose one of my charities from my website or tell me you favorite charity. Just leave a note at the time of sale.

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