Featured Business: Buy Forward 10

This logo means the owners of that company have permanently pledged a significant portion of their profits — five percent or more — to causes that serve those who are unable to help themselves. And this logo can be found on websites, annual reports and marketing materials of big companies too. People in Goodville seek out the companies with this logo and shun those without them. They do this because good journalists have picked up the cause and taught people to watch for the logos and respond. The people working in these “Buy Forward” companies have an elevated sense of purpose. With more meaning in their jobs, they enjoy what they do more and are more productive.

To qualify for the Buy Forward list, a company must:

• Contribute 5% or more of its pre-tax profits to worthy causes. A cause is considered worthy if more than 85% of a random sample surveyed would agree that it is worthy.
• Compete in a traditionally for-profit industry.
• Be a credible company donating to a credible cause.


Confirmation of giving and cause worthiness are made by a board of advisors using an informal submission and assessment process. We hope that in time a more rigorous vetting process will become possible and necessary. We also hope to be able to consider adherence to “spirit of giving” measures like excessive executive salaries which would artificially reduce profits available for giving.

WHY DOES BUY FORWARD MAKE SENSE? More success means more money to their causes. And more companies doing this means more money to the worthiest causes.

WHY SHOULD YOU SUPPORT THESE COMPANIES? Because it costs you nothing and it will make the world better. The Buy Forward idea is, in itself, a cause worthy of support. This is because when “Buy Forward” companies beat their competitors, others will follow the lead, resulting in more engaged corporations.

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