Harvest Warrior Wrap

Silk Bohemian Zen Warrior Wrap with a peace symbol River Rock and fire glass beads. 15 beautiful fire glass iridescent beads caped with antiqued copper, wrapped with bronze wire on a yummy mocha and purple hand dyed silk ribbon, dance with each other along with a single fire glass bead, also caped in antique copper, with a natural, one of a kind river stone with a hand engraved peace symbol. A bronze clasp and copper jump rings finish this adjustable wrap. This wrap wears as a bracelet or necklace. 76cm in length.

Celebrate your life or that of a loved one, celebrate the warrior in you.

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It is my honest belief that we should all help those less fortunate than ourselves – and trust me, if you have the resources to be able to read this on-line, then there are lots of people out there who are less fortunate! That’s why at giving through jewelryoriginals, we give 10% to charities. You decided where the 10% goes, you can choose , or suggest your own.

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