Cayenne Warrior Wrap with Silk and Ruby

Warrior Wrap – A one of a kind natural colored river stone with the word “shinet” bonded to the stone, with sterling silver and a natural Ruby stone bead (good for the happiness of one’s heart and energy).  All are on rich chili colored hand dyed silk.  This wrap is for the wrist or neck. It measures 76cm in length. This is a Warrior Wrap which can be both neck adornment or a bracelet; Warrior Wraps give you the flexibility to wear this jewelry as a wrist wrap and switch to a necklace and back again as your life demands.

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It is my honest belief that we should all help those less fortunate than ourselves – and trust me, if you have the resources to be able to read this on-line, then there are lots of people out there who are less fortunate! That’s why at giving through jewelryoriginals, we give 10% to charities. You decided where the 10% goes, you can choose , or suggest your own.

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