When buyers buy locally through a store, all donations will go to benefit local charities.

We are Nevadans Supporting Nevadans  ALL “NEVADA BASED ~ LOCALLY OWNED” BUSINESS OWNERS UNITE with our “Buy Nevada First!” campaign.
Take the “I’m a Nevadan” pledge:

I agree to choose Nevadans first when seeking out goods and services.

I agree to recommend Nevada based businesses to others.

I agree to support Nevada based non-profit organizations.

I agree to purchase food and produce from Nevada vendors when possible.

I agree to purchase supplies for my business from Nevada vendors when possible.

I agree to do my best to keep more of my shopping dollars circulating in Nevada by choosing to support locally owned Nevada based businesses.



It all starts with each one of us making a difference no matter how small or large, and at Giving Through Jewelry we help people make moments. We love and appreciate But Nevada First.

Nevada First Locations

Nevada Market Place in the Reno Town Mall
    Home of the Buy Nevada Gift Shop and Visitors Center
    4001 S. Virginia
    Reno NV 89502

Local Pieces

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