Featured Charity: CSVANW

Giving Through Jewelry believes in giving back and that’s why 10% of all sales are donated to a charity of the buyer’s choice. There are so many charities to choose from so we like to highlight one organization every month. This month we’re featuring the nonprofit organization, CSVANW.

Mission: To stop violence against Native women and children by advocating for social change in our communities. The CSVANW takes ownership and responsibility for the future of Native women and children by providing support, education, and advocacy using our strengths, power and unity to create violence-free communities.

You can check out our FACEBOOK page to see how much we donate.

The CSVANW (Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women) is an organization at the forefront of addressing violence against Native women and children, working tirelessly to create safer communities and empower Indigenous peoples.

Organized in 1996 by three founding Native women, Peggy Bird (Kewa), Darlene Correa (Laguna Pueblo) and Genne James (Navajo), the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANW) was created to provide support to other Native advocates working in domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and sex trafficking in New Mexico’s tribal communities. Their single goal: to eliminate violence against Native women and children.

Over two decades later, CSVANW continues to be a resource for training, advocate support, technical assistance and policy advocacy. CSVANW has also aided in supportive collaborations with tribal leadership to further develop and promote tribal, federal, state and local legislation, and policies that cultivate best-practices for responding to violent crimes against Native women and children.

Take Action

Join the movement.

Building and sharing space with  communities is the foundation that grounds the mission, vision, and work at the Coalition, but they need you to join.  Get involved as we share ways for you to help break the cycles of violence.  You can help make a difference in our awareness campaigns by following  and re-sharing  posts and articles on social media, join  at community training, participate in our social media photo challenge, or becoming a member of CSVANW.


Policy Advocacy

The CSVANW team participates on a wide range of tribal and statewide committees, taskforces and groups to ensure that our Coalition policy advocacy focuses on centering the experiences, strengths and needs of our Native survivors of violence.

Policy Advocacy

Legislative Positionality

We strongly believe that actions influence policies. The Coalition is committed to assisting our tribal, local, state and federal leaders and partners to develop and promote legislation and policies.

Legislative Positionality

Get Involved

Get involved and make a difference.


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