Featured Charity: Sage

Giving Through Jewelry believes in giving back and that’s why 10% of all sales are donated to a charity of the buyer’s choice. There are so many charities to choose from so we like to highlight one organization every month. This month we’re featuring the nonprofit organization, Sage

Mission:SAGE leads in addressing issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning and other self-identifying members of the community (LGBTQ+) aging. In partnership with its constituents and allies, SAGE works to achieve a high quality of life for LGBTQ+ older people, supports and advocates for their rights, fosters a greater understanding of aging in all communities, and promotes positive images of LGBTQ+ life in later years.

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Sage is a national advocacy and services organization that’s been looking out for LGBTQ+ elders since 1978.

Fighting for LGBTQ+ elders since 1978

For 40-plus years, SAGE has worked tirelessly on behalf of LGBTQ+ older people. Building off the momentum of the Stonewall uprising and the emerging LGBTQ+ civil rights movement, a group of activists came together to ensure that LGBTQ+ older people could age with respect and dignity. SAGE formed a network of support for LGBTQ+ elders that’s still going and growing today. SAGE is more than just an organization. It’s a movement of loving, caring activists dedicated to providing advocacy, services, and support to older members of the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ elders fought— and still fight—for our rights. And we will never stop fighting for theirs.


Whether you attend an event, sign a petition, or make an online donation, your involvement with SAGE matters. Together,  we’re building caring, vibrant communities for LGBTQ+ people everywhere. Join them

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