Healing Stones or Crystals – Astrological signs

My current collection of jewelry that I am creating is based on horoscopes. I love the power of healing stones and crystals, so I try to incorporate that into my pieces. There are many ways to select stones or crystals to work with for healing. The process can be as simple as selecting the one that I find visually attractive; to a more complex method of looking deeply a the sign and determining what issues I want healing for. In this article I will discuss astrological signs and the gems associated with them.

If you are drawn to astrology, you know that each sign has different character traits and challenges during a lifetime. Astrology is a complex science and many are only familiar with the simple newspaper style horoscopes. Using just the sun sign (ie: Virgo) is a very general way of categorizing character traits for an individual. Time and location of birth detail the traits. As a work up my new pieces I will  select a stone that matches each astrological sign and add other stones that will work with  specific character traits or issues.

For example, I just finished my Leo Warrior Wrap. As with all my wraps they are actually two or more wraps combined. Leo’s color is orange and one of it’s stones is Amber. I have chosen material and stones based off this and well as the healing quality of the stone. Amber is technically not a gemstone or mineral, but a fossilized sap from prehistoric trees that has aged over the course of millions of years.

Amber energy propertiesil_570xN.590540403_47eh

  • Brings a care free, sunny disposition
  • Promotes good luck and success
  • Dissolves oppositions

Healers use it for:

  • stomach, spleen and kidney complaints
  • joint problems
  • teething pain in babies

About this wrap

In the stars
Multi warrior wrap

Leo is a multi wrap with 2 wraps in one. One of a kind.

The first wrap is a beautiful one of a kind hand dyed, hand woven cotton wrap
made of a wonderful earth red and golden sun colors. It is wrapped in sterling silver.
All metal pieces are sterling silver.

The 2nd wrap is of hand dyed silk in warm earth and sun tones also.
The Leo symbol is of pewter, all other metal pieces are sterling silver.
A glorious faceted Amber gem stone is capped in sterling silver and
closes with a sterling silver clasp.

The wrap is adjustable and measures 54 ins., 137.5 cm. in total length.
Each wrap has a clasp and can be hooked together or worn separately
to create your own look.

Wear on wrist, neck, ankle, boot.

We are all warriors
Some of us are silent
Some of us Roar
It’s what we do that matters.

Wear in Peace

10% of Leo’s purchase will go to benefit charity.
Please tell me your favorite in note to seller at time of sale.
If you need ideas, please check out my shop’s intro under” donations given”
or my shop’s Facebook page giving through jewelry in the timeline under “Likes section”.


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