Not my circus wrap, not my kind

This wrap is a statement piece saying “I’m better than this, I deserve better than this. We deserve better. We are better than this.
Home is a place where you are accepted, well cared for and nurtured. A place where you can just breathe.
Right now “home” is not. It’s unsettled and hateful. It’s a circus run by hate. We deserve better than this. We are better than this this.



The first wrap is a natural dyed hemp wrap using natural dyes from the earth. This wrap measures 24inches(61cm.) it is adjustable. It also has A natural river stone for your favorite aromatherapy oil you would like to use. The clasps are stainless steel along with stainless steel wire. The jump rings are pure silver. The charm is stainless steel.

The second wrap is of Jasper. I choose Jasper because of it’s ability to help with Chi and one’s stamina and helps one finish unpleasant tasks and helps rectify unjust situations.
This wrap measures 15 3/4 in.(40cm.)
It is on stainless steel jeweler’s wire with stain a steel clasp.
The jump rings are pure silver. The wire guards are sterling silver.

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