10 Tips to Keep Kids Cool This Summer

Hot summers and frisky kids are no joke. Although the summer break can be lots of fun, no one wants a house full of kids who are complaining because it’s just too hot to do anything. That’s where these fun activities come in. Here are 10 ways to keep kids cool this summer .


  1. Water balloon battle is crazy fun! Blindfold the kids and let them take a whack at water balloon pinatas overhead.

2. Make a reusable stroller cooling pad to keep babies and tots cool when you’re enjoying the outdoors this summer.

3. Make a pool noodle sprinkler. It’s more fun than a regular sprinkler because there’s a longer sprinkler for all the kids to run and jump over. Plus, the kids can help you make it, and that always increases the fun factor!


4.Make a DIY sprinkler with an empty soda bottle and some hose adapters. The kids will have so much fun with this.

5. If you have a tarp handy but don’t want to do too much work, the little ones can still have a blast with this DIY Splash Pad


6.For keeping babies cool in the summer, a kiddie pool is the perfect option.

7. And we didn’t forget about one of the best ways to refresh: ice cream or popsicles!!

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