Featured Charity: NO BULLYING

Giving Through Jewelry believes in giving back and that’s why 10% of all sales are donated to a charity of the buyer’s choice. There are so many charities to choose from so we like to highlight one organization every month. Since it’s National Bullying Prevention Month, we’re featuring the nonprofit organization, No Bullying, for the month of February. You can check out our FACEBOOK page to see how much was donated to No Bullying.




Started by Nicholas Carlisle. Having been bullied relentlessly as a teenager, Nicholas Carlisle, the founder, wanted to ensure that other children did not have to endure the same abuse that he experienced in his formative years. So in 2003, Nicholas established No Bully, which began as a collaborative team of educators, psychologists, and lawyers committed to building a kinder and more compassionate world as a means of ending the crisis of bullying in schools and online.

Over the last decade, No Bully have become the nation’s preeminent anti-bullying organization. Since its founding, No Bully has had a 90% success rate, eliminating incidents of bullying while serving hundreds of schools and over 300,000 students.

They have reached millions of people through our global impact campaigns, where we partnered with leading organizations such as ESPN, Hasbro, Major League Baseball, and Burger King, just to name a few. They are continuously developing new and creative strategies to bring more awareness to the bullying epidemic.


No Bullying began in San Francisco in 2003 as a collaboration of educators, psychologists and lawyers committed to prevent the current generation of students from enduring the bulling that they experience when they were in school.


Help us end bullying!

Our approach improves school culture and is a human-centered way of teaching empathy and compassion. Your donation can truly make an impact.


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